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The University of Cape Town offers companies the opportunity of having promotions on Plaza and thereby giving companies access to promote to a diverse university community with around 27 000 students.

The proceeds raised by the promotional use of the Plaza go towards the Student Representative Council’s Assistance Fund which provides financial assistance to students in need who would not be permitted to register unless their outstanding fees have been cleared.

Type of Promotions

1. Plaza Activations
The Plaza is situated in the middle of UCT’s Upper Campus and in front of UCT’s iconic Sarah Baartman Hall. The Plaza serves as a central congregating area for students and staff, who can be found relaxing on the stairs or grass areas and is also utilised by the university community to walk from one side of campus to the other. Activations on the Plaza include the distribution of flyers.

     1.1. Sound Activation
UCT only permits amplified sound to take place on Thursdays during term time from 12h45 until 13h45. Companies are permitted to promote on the Plaza from 10h00 until 15h00 but may only utilise amplified sound for the meridian period (12h45-13h45). These meridian sound slots are very popular among students and are widely known as ‘Jammie Thursdays’.
When making use of amplified sound, promoters should maintain a reasonable noise level that will not impact the academic activities that occur in the buildings adjacent to the Plaza. Please also bear in mind that sound checks will not be permitted outside of the Thursday meridian slot.

    1.2. Non-sound Activation
Non-sound activations are available any day of the week during term time. Companies are permitted to promote from 10h00 until 15h00 but are not permitted to use any form of amplified sound.

    1.3. Exclusivity
UCT reserves the right to make multiple bookings on the Plaza on the same day but endeavours to not book competing product categories. A client may request in writing to book the Plaza exclusively by providing reasons as to why they would like to use the area solely. An additional fee may be charged for such a request.

    1.4. Plaza Promotions Perimeter
Promotions are restricted to the Plaza which extends from the south entrance of the Maths Building to the north entrance of the AC Jordan Building.

The following zones are available for booking on the Plaza:

Plaza Activation Rates

Sound Activation

R 30,000.00

Non-sound Activation for one day

R 4,200.00

Non-sound Activation for two consecutive days

(10% OFF)

R 7,500.00


Non-sound Activation for three consecutive days

(20% OFF)

R 10,000.00


Non-sound Activation for four consecutive days

(20% OFF)

R 14,500.00


Non-sound Activation for five consecutive days

(25% OFF)

R 16,000.00



2. Flyer Distribution
Flyer distribution entitles promoters to distribute flyers to students on the Plaza from 09h00-15h00.
Please note that promoters are not permitted to distribute flyers inside any academic buildings or append flyers to the windscreens of vehicles parked on campus. In the case of bad weather promoters will be permitted to distribute flyers to students in the Molly Blackburn Hall.

Flyer Distribution Rate

Full-day (9:00 - 15:00)

R 2,000.00


3. Posters
Posters can be displayed across campus on any SRC or general notice board. Posters can therefore reach a very wide audience or target very specific groups that frequent specific buildings. Please note that all posters must be authorised and stamped by the SRC prior to being placed on notice boards. Failure to do this will result in the posters being removed. Please send a soft copy of the poster to for approval before payment can be made for them to be put up. Posters are only allowed a duration of two weeks on the notice boards before they can be taken down. No more than 50 posters will be permitted and posters are bigger in size than A2 will also not permitted on campus.

Poster Rates

A4  Poster

R 40.00 each

A3  Poster

R 55.00 each

A2 Poster

R 90.00 each


Cancellation Clause

SGL UCT retains the right to cancel the promotion should SGL UCT deem it necessary to do so. Should SGL UCT cancel a promotion and the promoter has already made payment then said promoter shall be reimbursed the full payment that has been made.
Failure to make payment timeously may result in the cancellation of the promotion and a cancellation penalty fee being levied against the promoter. If incorrect or incomplete information is found to have been submitted to SGL UCT, then SGL UCT retains the right to cancel the promotion with immediate effect.

Should the promoter wish to cancel this agreement the following penalties shall apply:
• More than 10 working days in advance – penalty of 25% of the rental fee;
• Less than 10 working days in advance – penalty of 50% of the rental fee;
• Less than 5 working days in advance – penalty of 100% of rental fee.

Inclement weather shall not serve as a valid reason for the Company cancelling this agreement as an alternative venue shall be made available to the Company. However, depending on the nature of the promotion, cancellation could be negotiated under certain circumstances. Failure to comply with the rules of UCT may result in the cancellation of the promotion by SGL UCT and/or the promoter being fined and/or in the promoter being barred from future promotions at UCT. The cancellation fee structure above will take effect.

Important Contacts

All career development, recruitment and employment related advertisements should be directed to Nawaal Boolay of the Careers Service, on or call 021 650 5028 during office hours.

Advertising space can also be purchased in the Varsity Newspaper or on UCT Radio. Varsity Newspaper is released twice a month and reaches over 28 000 staff and students, both through hard copy and electronic copy. UCT Radio is one of Cape Town’s premiere campus radio stations with an average of 35 000 visitors over a seven-day period. These agencies can be reached at and respectively.


For more information, or to make a booking, please email or call 021 650 5002.