Campaign assists with Historical debt.
UCT SRC Raise R2million for #FundingFutures Campaign
UCT SRC have raised over R2million for #FundingFutures Campaign and will be assisting hundreds of student over the coming months access and afford their education!
The UCT SRC take a stand against sexual assault on and off campus, in our #ThereIsNoExcuseCampaign hosted alongside Faculty Councils and Student Organizations.
UCT SRC group photograph
Know your SRC members!
Know who is who and what they do!
UCT freshers' guide cover
Orientation is underway! SRC members are around campus and ready to help! Look out for the SRC Freshers' Guide in your Orienation packs. This is the ultimate UCT survival guide!





The Student Representative Council (SRC) is the highest decision-making structure of student governance.

It represents all students at UCT, and their overall interest and social well-being, in university committees. It is highly involved in policy-making and co-operative decision-making on campus.

The SRC is elected annually by the students and consists of 17 members who either represent other student organisations or are independents. The duties, functions, privileges and term of office are set out in the SRC Constitution and election by-laws approved by Council as institutional rules.

The SRC is a very important stakeholder within UCT, as there is no decision that can be taken without the student voice. The notion of co-operative governance is embraced by the institution through these processes.


Saturday, 26 May 2018